Top 8 Things to Do in Tasmania: Hike, Kayak and Explore Like a Local

What Tasmania lacks in size, it more than makes up for it in its beauty, remoteness and varying landscapes. From the rugged cliffs of Cape Pillar to the pristine beaches of the Three Capes Track and the endless mountain views at Marion's Lookout, it's nearly impossible not to find adventure as soon as you step off the plane. However, exploring like a local does take insider knowledge. If you'd like to see the true beauty of Tasmania, check out our 'Top 8 Things to Do in Tasmania: Hike, Kayak and Explore Like a Local' below.

1. Feel like you’re on the edge of the world at Cape Pillar Lookout (Three Capes Track)

Cape PillarStanding at the edge of Cape Pillar, with nothing but ocean between you and Antarctica, it’s impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer power and beauty of mother nature. Cliffs rising up 300m straight from the sea and the windswept Tasman Island are sure to humble any explorer.

Getting to Cape Pillar is a breath-taking adventure in itself. Best hiked as a day hike from Cape Pillar Lodge during your Three Capes Track trip, you’ll enjoy sweeping views of Cape Raoul and watch waves crash against the rugged shoreline hundreds of meters below. If you have time, make sure to take the side trip to The Blade.

2. Soak in an outdoor tub at the Bay of Fires Lodge (Bay of Fires Track)

Bay of Fires LodgeYou’ll be hard-pressed to find a spot in the Bay of Fires Lodge without jaw-dropping views. Located on 20km of pristine wilderness, you’ll enjoy sweeping views of seemingly endless beaches and oversized granite rocks. Access is granted only to those walking a 4-day, 3-night Bay of Fires walking trip, making it an ideal place to relax after a big day out exploring.

Not much in life is more relaxing than soaking in a private outdoor tub, with Tasmanian wine in hand, overlooking native forest and the sea. For even extra indulgence, book in for one of their Bay of Fires Spa Signature treatments. Never have you left an active holiday feeling so pampered, refreshed, and well, not wanting to leave.

3. Find a hidden swimming hole in the Pelion Plains (Overland Track)

Swimming hole Overland TrackSometimes you just need to take a break from hiking and enjoy a good dip in a lake, river or ocean – and we reckon one of the most rewarding places to do this is in the Pelion Plains. Located nearly right in the middle of the Overland Track, the Pelion Plains is bursting with breath-taking vistas, including uninterrupted views of Mt Oakleigh’s dolerite spires.

Once you find your tucked away swimming hole, dawn your swimmers and plunge in, you'll immediately feel refreshed as the cold mountain water massages your tired legs. Afterwards, you’ll warm up quickly in the sheltered valley as you continue your hike feeling brand new.

4. Refresh with a dive into Fortescue Bay (Three Capes Track)

Fortescue BayImage by photoeverywhere

As the turquoise blue waters wash golden sand over your toes, you can’t help but feel like a tiny part of the beautiful planet. With hardly another soul in sight, the vastness of Tasmania presents itself, calling to you to enjoy the splendours of nature. For many, Fortescue Bay also marks the end of their 48km Three Capes Track adventure and provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim before heading back to civilisation.

We can promise, diving into the crystal clear waves will be a memory you won’t soon forget.

5. Kayak the Anson River (Bay of Fires Track)

Anson River

Photo from H & J Travel

Life’s little worries seem to vanish as the leisurely current pulls you and your kayak down the Anson River. Located near the Bay of Fires Lodge, the Anson River is full of mystery and unique birdlife. Swans, white herons, pelicans and even eagles will fly in and out of view, curious as they look for their next meal. Below you, Australian Salmon glide effortlessly, reminding you of the vast wildlife found around Tasmania.

While taking time to kayak during your multi-day Bay of Fires hike may not be at the top of your list, we promise you’ll see remote Tasmania in an entirely new light as you let nature take the lead. Especially when you know you have a cosy lodge and warm dinner awaiting your return.

6. Take in the views at Marion’s Lookout (Overland Track)

Marions LookoutSet at 1250 metres, Marion’s Lookout is the highest viewpoint on the Overland Track and provides astonishing views of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake. Your hike will likely start off easily at Waldheim in Cradle Valley as you meander through lush rainforest. However, soon reality will set in as you’re faced with a steep, leg-burning climb up numerous steps to finally reach Marion’s Lookout.

As soon as you pop over the top and see brilliantly blue lakes and endless mountains on the horizon, every step will be well worth it. Once you catch your breath (from both the workout and the views!), make sure to capture this moment with a well-timed photo and a snack.

7. Enjoy a picnic lunch at Lake Will (Overland Track)

Lake WillEven your most basic sandwich somehow tastes superior after a big hike. Add in views, and you might as well be sitting at a 5 star restaurant.. only better! One of our favourite picnic spots happens to be a short side-trip from the Overland Track – next to Lake Will. Surrounded by pencil pines and opening up to an incredible view of Barn Bluff, it’s easy to lose track of time as you ponder the vivid blue waters and sweeping landscapes. Don’t wait too long as you’ll want to reach your next hut before the sun starts to sink beneath the horizon.

8. Reward yourself with a well-earned beer at a local brewery in Hobart after your big adventure!

Untitled design - 2021-04-21T160820.192Image from

There's something about ice-cold beer after a big adventure that makes it taste that extra bit rewarding. And as Tasmania has more breweries per capita than any other Australian state, you'll have your fair share of options. The mild climate with wet winters and cooler summers is perfect for growing hops, and with enough breweries in Hobart to keep your thirst quenched for days on end, the only problem will be deciding which one to tick off first.

Ready for adventure?

If you're ready to strap on your hiking boots and explore Tasmania like a local, check out our Bay of Fires, Three Capes and Overland Track trips. Or, get in touch and we'll happily help plan your adventure of a lifetime!

Written by Danielle

Danielle moved to New Zealand nearly 10 years ago and fell in love with the rugged landscapes and endless adventures the moment she first stepped off the plane. Having decided to stick around, you'll often find her out hiking near Queenstown or in winter, playing ice hockey at the local arena.